It’s been one year since our dream became a reality. A dream and a vision of introducing a community newspaper which can provide a platform for all Tasmanians to voice their opinions for building a stronger, diverse and harmonious Tasmania. Thanks everyone for supporting us constantly in this journey.

Having witnessed a roller coaster year full of unexpected happenings, this one year journey taught us a lot. The bush-fires, the pandemic and economic and social repercussions arising from them which affected the lives of millions had an affect on the existence of our newspaper as well. If not for all the encouragement from local people, local businesses, local philanthropists, local politicians and local community organisations we couldn’t had survived. A big thanks to all those people for their constant support and encouragement.

Not just our newspaper but all the local businesses and organisations that took a hit during this time are being ably supported by fellow Tasmanian. Taking this Tassie spirit forward we vouch to promote and propagate the notion of “supporting local businesses”.

Things come and go and this too shall pass and

We take this opportunity to announce that we on a regular basis will be organising and promoting events/forums to inform people with diverse up to date information, happenings and opportunities arising in the state.

Throughout this year we were fortunate enough to cover stories of several silent achievers who have achieved so much with little fuss,

stories of various community organisations who are working diligently to give it back to help the needy; stories of colourful and vibrant festivals of different communities which are enhancing the cultural definition of the state. Above all it was so overwhelmingly pleasing to cover the news about the way different community organisations, people and government organisations came forward helping their fellow Tasmanian during the pandemic. All of them showed us an example of how to grow and contribute positively to society. We salute and thank all our local Heroes.

Once again thank you all for your congratulatory messages on Diverse Tassie’s first anniversary, it’s a great encouragement for us and we thrive on these and promise to live up to your expectations. Special thanks to our Honourable Premier Mr Peter Gutwein MP, Hon Attorney-General Elise Archer MP, The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of Hobart, Councillor Anna Reynolds, Hon Meg Webb MLC,

Alison O’Neill Chief Executive Officer MRC Tas, Duncan Spender CEO MCOT,John Galpin and David Shaw for taking time out and sending through your written congratulation messages.(Messages on pages 8 &9).

—Team Diverse Tassie.

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