NRNA - Working closely with all local communities-Sandesh Pariyar Tasmania Co-ordinator

NRNA Australia is to unite all Non-Resident Nepali (NRNs) people and Nepalese organizations throughout Australia under one umbrella organization to form a unified and institutional movement to achieve the mutual benefit between all NRNs and people of Nepali origin in Australia. At the same time, to be inclusive in this multicultural Australia by promoting Nepalese culture at the same time embracing other cultures and respecting the values and law of Australia. In addition to this, NRNA Australia also looks at the interest of second-generation people of Nepali origin and beyond.


• To promote and protect the rights and interest of people of Nepali origin residing in Australia

• To attract and facilitate NRNs investment including Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for economic and social development of Nepal

• To promote tourism of Nepal and preserve Nepali culture, language and heritage in multiculturalism Australia

• To serve as the Australian Chapter of the NRNA and to support the objectives of NRNA within Australia, subject to the laws of Australia

• To be an integral part of the development and management of philanthropic and charitable projects in Australia and Nepal, for the benefit of people of Nepali origin

• To promote and further the interests, development, and welfare of the Nepali diaspora in Australia and help them to realize their full potential both individually and as a community

• To work closely with the Australian communities, charity organizations and not-for-profit organizations and the Australian State, Territory and Federal governments.

• To contribute to the overall development of Nepal by utilizing talents, knowledge, skills, capital and other resources of people of Nepali origin and Nepalese community living in Australia

• To advance the Nepalese language in different level of schools in all State and Territory in the multiculturalism Australia;

• To advance Nepali culture in multiculturalism Australia

• To promote reconciliation, mutual respect and tolerance between groups of individuals that are in Australia

• To bring together different Nepalese associations in different States or Territories together for common goal of utilizing resources, capital and skills for the interest of people of Nepali origin

• To advance social or public welfare by:

(a) providing care to people with a physical or mental disability who require continuous care

(b)arranging opportunities for people with a physical or mental disability, woman or man affected by domestic violence or financially disadvantaged people to live a respectable life either at school, work or society in Australia or overseas.

NRNA SCC Tasmania Annual Report 2019/2020:

We being the first elected team in Tasmania working very actively in bringing the local community together throughout the year. Being the guardian organisation , I myself as State coordinator along with the team are taking active participations in each and every activity happening throughout the state. Here are some of the most highlighted events done so far along with future programmes.

What happened so far :

1. 24 August 2019, Mental Health First Aid Training

2. 24 August 2019, Road Safety Intervention and water safety

3. 29 September 2019,Dashain Saanjh with Pramod Kharel and Kamal Khatri 2019

4. 25 January 2020, Blood Donation camp

5. 29 February 2020, Welcome to His Excellency Ambassador Mahesh Dahal and NRNA President Keshav Kandel to Hobart during their unofficial visit to Hobart.

6. Covid relief package for more than 50 Students 7. Sports Activities throughout the year

Finally , we have been working closely with all local communities respecting their values and objectives to keep the community vibrant in this island state, Tasmania.

Sandesh Pariyar

NRNA SCC Tasmania Coordinator

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