Message from Hon. Peter Gutwein, Premier of Tasmania -Diverse Tassie 1st anniversary

Congratulations to everyone involved in making Diverse Tassie what it is and on reaching

your 1st anniversary.

Tasmania has a rich culturally diverse community, with people from 177 different countries,

speaking 159 different languages calling our Island State home.

To support this growing population, we are committed to a fully inclusive, harmonious and

respectful multicultural island, which values and respects the diversity, and recognises the

strengths that people of all cultures, languages and faiths from every corner of the world

bring to Tasmania.

Now more than ever, welcoming and treating people with kindness and respect is of the

utmost importance, as we all work together to manage the impacts of the coronavirus.

Again, congratulations and I look forward to marking your 2nd anniversary with you next.

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