“I AM VULNERABLE TOO -Corona Virus doesn’t discriminate based on AGE”

Everyone is vulnerable to being infected by Corona Virus as per World health organisations and various medical experts irrespective of their age.

There is no daring more authentic and more bold than that which comes with respecting our vulnerability, embracing it and acting from it.

Vulnerability is openness to experiences, people and uncertainty. It’s terrifying at times, and brave always. In this time of pandemic everyone must play their part and acknowledge their vulnerability of carrying the virus which can then be transmitted to others.

A 13 year old boy has become the youngest victim of Corona virus in UK as reported on BBC news. He was admitted to hospital and put in induced coma and lost his life in less than a week.

The family of victim stated he had no underlying condition and are devastated.

The virus is not choosing the victims by age and everyone will fall into the category of vulnerability.


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