There is quite something magical about Christmas. As summer solstice approaches Australians receive a bigger share of solar warmth, more daylight, hence more activities. Supermarkets and shops are full of Christmas goodies and gifts are another reminder of Christmas though the Christians all over the world require no reminder for their biggest annual festival.

Christmas is the season of giving, love, harmony, and celebration. This is a particular time to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm as well as joy. Various churches are full of Christmas décor and prepare for the big day of the Christian calendar.

Many people believe that Christmas is purely a festival for Christians, and they would be right to a certain extent. However, many non-church-going Christians in Australia have been celebrating Christmas for many decades, hence it has become a national and cultural festival. Several migrant communities have embraced Christmas as it has become an Australian cultural activity. People in work environments both in public and private sector, people in their homes including extended families, community groups and non-governmental organisations celebrate Christmas by way of parties, carols by candlelight, pageants, and other festivities.

Many religious organisations such as Salvation Army take this opportunity to support and celebrate Christmas with less fortunate members of our society.

Amidst all the shopping for gifts and partying, we should also remember to make a voluntary donation or a Christmas gift towards uplifting the less fortunate members of our society.

The Sri Lankan community in Hobart has been celebrating Christmas for several years. However, with the influx of many migrants to Hobart this event has become a big annual event to come together and celebrate irrespective of our cultural, religious, and ethnic differences. 2021 Christmas is more important as many communities and businesses have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the situation improves in many parts of Australia families and loved ones gather to fellowship and celebrate the birth of Christ.

For the first time in Tasmania the SLCST will host the Gala Christmas dinner dance 2021 which will kick off after the lighting of the Christmas tree and a visit from Santa. The Christmas event will consist of singing carols, Gala dinner (buffet style), and a dance with a Sri Lankan Band playing live music with many “Baila” songs/rhythms as it a popular form of music in Sri Lanka.

The event is on 11 December at Citywide Baptist Church in Mornington starting from 5:00 pm.

You are invited to take part in our Christmas celebration. Tickets are available at the entrance or online from Auslanka news.

Organising Committee of the Sri Lankan Community of Southern Tasmania (SLCST)


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