Abu’s diary

The diary of a free spirited Maltese Shih Tzu. Adopted daughter to a Chinese accounting student and a tall hairy social worker - Looks a little like a spring onion Sixth diary entry: Last entry, I got all fluffed up and melodramatic about the virus and how my privacy had been violated by my parents. This entry? Well…I gotta say, I’m a little worried about things going back to normal. The rushing around, and crowds of humans invading my walks. Fred, the lazy fluffy mess of a cat who lives next door reckons human’s love to ‘out-busy’ each-other. The busier they are, the more they can prove to others that they are successful and happy. Seriously! That sounds like such a drain. I am the opposite. I’d gladly laze around for the rest of my life. My goals? What is my motivation for living? My bucket list? I hear you ask me… Well, the thing is – let’s look at one of my great loves in life. The beach: I love to let the salty ocean air caress my body and my dreams ride the waves which roll into the shore-line, before guiding them into the deep, majestic waters – where gentle whales that have roamed this planet for thousands of years amuse themselves at the naivety of the content of my dreams – how they must feel that humanity is oblivious to the currents of life. The push and the pulling of the tides that the waters experience, under the magnetic power of the moon. For these beasts do not dream but rather live their current lives as if in a dream. Knowing full well, that to be able to dream is a lovely thing but to create a reality in which other beings dream about - is the work of a God-like seamstress.” If I can be anything like the whale of the seas, I’ll die a happy soul. I hope that when these social isolation restrictions drop-off, I can run up to any dog I wish to and run my curious nose all over their fur-coat! But more than anything, I hope that my parents continue to bake yummy food together as much as they have in the past few months & that they continue to slow-down. Not too rush off here and there and everywhere. Since slowing down, I’ve picked up a new scent from them. I think it’s the smell possessed by creatures who aren’t obsessed with joining the rat race or with fitting into a tight, really uncomfortable set of expectations of how to live their lives.

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