Piano's are not meant to move around very much, but since COVID-19 started I’ve been trying to amuse the residents of Hobart and the Channel by carting my 250kg piano into the streets and onto the beaches and playing: Coningham Beach, Nth Hobart residential areas, Kingston dog beach, Woodbridge just to name a few. You can see video of these events on facebook @APianoofTasmania. My real purpose has been to simply give people a reason to smile and to know that the world is still beautiful and that current events should not define us. To be honest, I love playing piano, and really enjoy playing everywhere! It’s was fun to watch people respond I stop the car at the beach. “Is that a piano?” they’d be thinking. Then I would start to unload it “that is a piano!” they’d still be thinking, and they would start to smile. Then as I would start hauling it down to the beach it would tickle something deep inside them – “this guy is going to play a piano on the beach?”. They would find a seat somewhere within earshot as I set it up and start playing my first piece. And then people would carefully gather, making sure to remain a good social distance from each other. Even people who wouldn’t normally listen to contemporary classical piano would love it just because of the novelty value. It was so much fun! But lately, even though I want to play at the top of Mt Wellington, due to the lock-down, I’ve been playing at home and in my front yard. Hobart Hit 100.9 Jimmy and Nath have promised to make Mt Wellington happen after the virus. I also have plans to have the piano on a wooden boat on the Huon River, and in a Cow paddock at the foot of Mt Rowland. Actually, followers have suggested more than 100 locations for me to play at once we are allowed out – and it will be my pleasure to oblige them! —Kelvin Smith.

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