Recently, the Australian Government has made changes to visas which encourage migration to Regional Australia. There are many advantages in migrating to Regional Australia as anyone who lives in Tasmania would recognise. However, simply being willing to migrate to Tasmania does not guarantee the grant of a visa. Potential applicants should be very cautious of promises that visas will be granted simply because a potential applicant is willing to live in Tasmania. It is very important for potential applicants to determine whether their specific circumstances make them eligible to apply for a certain visa. Determining eligibility is, in our experience, best done in consultation with a Registered Migration Agent who will take the time to assess each applicant’s eligibility. An in-depth consultation may reveal other visas for which a potential applicant may be eligible.

Registered Migration Agents are often best placed to advise potential applicants about their visa options. A Registered Migration Agent is not required to have any legal training outside of the training to become a migration agent. Lawyers are generally not permitted to offer migration assistance unless they are also Registered Migration Agents. An Immigration Lawyer is typically a lawyer who is also a Registered Migration Agent. Immigration Lawyers are well placed to advise potential applicants about their visa options and the intricacies of migration law.

It is suggested that a Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) (subclass 491) visa (‘491 visa’) is a wide-ranging and easily granted visa for applicants who want to live in Tasmania. This is not the case. Before an application can be made for a 491 visa, applicants need to submit an Expression of Interest for Skilled Migration (‘EOI’). An EOI is not an application for a 491 visa. It simply informs the Australian government that a potential applicant wants to migrate to Australia and settle in a specific Regional Area. After an EOI has been lodged, a potential applicant may be invited to apply for a 491 visa if they are identified as a skilled worker that a State or Territory government wishes to nominate to migrate to a specific Regional Area. Lodging an EOI does not guarantee that an invitation to apply for a 491 visa will be made. Importantly, lodging an EOI does not entitle a potential applicant to a Bridging visa. Potential 491 visa applicants who have lodged an EOI will need to enter or remain in Australia by holding a different valid visa. There is no cost to submit an EOI and they can be lodged from outside Australia.

Visa Assist Australia has been providing professional services to Permanent and Temporary visa applicants and Citizenship applicants for over 10 years. We also assist current visa holders whose visas have been or may be cancelled on character grounds. Our team of Registered Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers is well-placed to assist anyone wanting to migrate to Australia. Our head office is in New South Wales and we have been working in Tasmania for over 2 years.

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